Day Dream!

Dear All,

Now we have one, the most important, to do for Cham People in around the world. This kind of thing that all of Cham should be done before but it was not any one, Cham people, reveal. It is thought that they were probably busy in “deep faith”; all kinds of Cham, not just Cham Bani or Cham Islam. According meeting with many people who love Cham Ethnic, the ethnic which is going to loss from the world by replaced of other kinds such as Islam, Khmer, and other, warmed that Cham have to be hurry to unite and help each other as soon as possible.

We have talk also about how to unite Cham from other part of the world and faith again is to have an “International Cham Center”.

International Cham Center covers all things from Cham, Cham Balamong, Cham Bani, Cham Islam, and other Cham, to show to next generations, especially Cham Youths.

Note:  International Cham Center is not for religion, political, converting nor violent purpose. It is in Education Purpose only.

So now, I am posting it to all of you in order to have more idea and find out to have it.

Please help me to do! Your idea is our successful!



Cham Bani Cambodia


1 Comment

  1. daisa dao said,

    October 3, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Dear Abu

    I would like to say you that: live up to your competence and status, and fulfill your required duties.

    Thanh Dai
    The people of Champa descent coordinator at UN institutions.

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